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Wealth and Money Lessons from Millionaire Coach Kim Graham

By Floyd Saunders, Founder at Really Simple Investing

Would you like to not be living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to make ends meet? You are not alone, more than 60% of working Americans report that are living paycheck to paycheck and have less than a thousand dollars available to handle an unexpected event.

Kim Graham on the Really Simple Investing Podcast
Kim Graham, The Millionaire Coach

You can change how you view your relationship with your money and get on a success path toward having the financial independence you desire. In my interview with money coach, Kim Graham we discussed that while there are lots of books available on the the topic of managing your money, sometimes it works to have an "accountability partner" to hep you get where you want to go with your money. Maybe you are someone who would like to change their financial circumstances and start building wealth and achieve financial freedom? If so, you need to listen to millionaire coach Kim Graham's story on the Really Simple Investing podcast.

Kim and her husband were both educators and had a significant amount of student loan debt when they got married. However, they were determined to achieve financial freedom and started following the Dave Ramsey program, taking extra jobs, and making sacrifices to pay off their debt in just 28 months.

You can listen to the podcast here:

I recently interviewed Kim Graham, a millionaire coach who helps people manage their money and become millionaires. Kim shares her journey to becoming a millionaire coach, including how she and her husband paid off $76,000 of student loan debt in just 28 months.

Investment Power and Building a Legacy From Kim Graham, millionaire coach

Kim and her husband started investing shortly after paying off their debt and recognized the power of building a legacy through financial freedom. A short time later they were able to buy a house, and paid it off in only six years. Kim's success inspired her to teach others how to manage their money and build wealth.

"We recognized the legacy building power that we had from making this decision now and we're literally still reaping the benefits of saying yes to so many things because we said no in those 28 months to some things that you know might have been readily available." – Kim Graham

Understanding Money Management

Kim discusses how she got into direct sales and recognized the broken understanding of money management in both personal and business finances. Once she realized how managing your money can set you on a path toward financial freedom, she also realized her superpower in helping people with their money mindset and day-to-day finances, which led her to start her coaching business.

Kim markets her business through Instagram and Facebook, and clients come to her to learn how to manage their money, get out of debt, understand investing, and start building wealth.

Kim works with clients one-on-one, tailoring her coaching program over six months to their unique learning styles and business needs. She emphasizes the importance of discipline in building wealth and understanding the power of compounding returns through investing.

Managing Debt and Income

Kim talks about how she helps clients manage their debt and income, and how she provides ongoing support through a quarterly program and referrals to financial advisors. Kim also discusses the importance of having a financial advisor who is willing to educate and teach their clients about managing their money. She explains that many financial advisors simply want to manage their clients' money without providing any education or guidance. However, Kim believes that her clients, especially female entrepreneurs, want to understand where their money is going and how to make the best returns.

Mastermind Mentality

Kim talks about the benefits of participating in a mastermind group network, where clients can share their financial milestones and learn from each other's experiences. Kim partners with Marissa Greco Real, a financial planner, to create a program to help women concerned about getting better at managing money a way to connect, share their experiences and get on the right path to building wealth.

Together, they help clients with both the day-to-day finances and investing. Marissa was also an early guest on the Really Simple Investing podcast. You can find out more about her and her book by listening to that podcast.

Kim discusses the issue of lifestyle creep, where people start spending more money as they earn more. She emphasizes the importance of analyzing one's lifestyle and prioritizing what is truly important in order to avoid creating a prison of habits.

"They're creating themselves a jail and they don't even recognize it like they're creating a prison for themselves with their habits and once they recognize that it's much easier for them to say you know what? I do need to cut back on some of these things but it's on their terms not on mine." – Kim Graham

Kim believes that coaching is necessary for accountability and discipline, as simply reading books and knowing what to do is often not enough. Kim Graham offers one-on-one coaching sessions to help clients understand their unique learning style and create a personalized plan for managing their money.

Kim's success inspired her to help others manage their money and build wealth. She started her coaching business, and works with clients one-on-one to create personalized routines and teach them about investing. She emphasizes the importance of discipline, understanding investing, having a healthy money mindset and understanding the power of compounding returns through investing. She provides fresh ideas and simple ways to achieve financial security. Remember, managing your money and building wealth is not just for the elite, anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right mindset and tools.

From Debt to Multimillionaire

In the interview, Kim shares a success story of a client who paid off $100k of credit card debt, organized her finances, and became a multimillionaire within six months of working with Kim and Marissa.

If you're interested in learning more about managing your money and transforming your income, just check out Kim Graham's podcast

If you want to transform your income and learn more about managing your money, follow Kim Graham on Facebook @ and Instagram @ Instagram@kgmillionairecoach.

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