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Book Reviews 

What are our readers saying about our books?  Check out the reviews from Good Reads and Amazon below. 

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Five Paths to Wealth By Floyd Saunders

From GoodReads, Venkat Mahadevan writes: 

In the pathway to financial independence, unbiased guidance is very important. One would welcome getting advice from people who do not have a vested interest, such as professional financial advisors. This is where Floyd Saunders steps in, with his latest book “Five Paths to Wealth”.

Ever since his first book “Figuring Out Wall Street”, he has proven himself to be a neutral thinker providing reliable non-biased financial advice purely with the intention of helping people make better financial decisions. He uses a combination of pep-talk (quoting Ben Franklin on being “moveable”) and simple and sound financial advice to motivate us into believing that, yes, our financial independence is in our hands, and yes, we can certainly master it. Mr. Saunders gives the confidence that the average Joe is intelligent enough to make financial decisions, unlike what the so-called bankers and financial advisors may think or say. . . However, one thing this book can and does help is in providing a good basis and understanding for diving deeper into the stock market. What sets this book apart is that it lays a proper foundation of knowledge in simplistic terms, while providing guidance for more reading and learning as well. . . He weaves it all nicely together to capture the attention of the people looking to gain an initial foot-hold or looking for ideas to diversify. To that extent, this book is a must-read.  Read the entire review on GoodReads.

From Tariq Azmi
Founding Partner, EmberTechnologies

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Five Path’s to Wealth by Mr. Saunders.  It is a bit hard for me pinpoint specifics on what I learned and enjoyed but making a general statement that I enjoyed the book is too generic.


Here’s what I learned: 

  • Attitude about Money plays important roleA

  • Consistency (Invest consistently)

  • Focus

  • Understanding Investing VS Savings

Mr. Saunders covers lot of investing concepts and tips in simple terms which can be complex. There are multiple examples of how to start the multiple streams of income which can help a person start investing. Most people have this idea that investing take a lot of money, this book show multiple ways start investing with $5 -$30 $100.

One of the other valuable information in the books is brief reviews of various app to use for investing.  I learned a lot about the various types of real estate investing, Stocks, compound interest, etc. I highly recommend this book for anyone that wants to start their journey to better their financial life. “

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