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Simple Investing with Robo Advisors

Stash A Really Simple
Way to Invest

With Stash you can invest in a variety of Exchange Traded Funds or ETF.  Stash is a mobile application that allows you pick form 30 different funds, labeled in simple, understandable ways called "Ideas". Each idea represents an ETF index fund of stocks, bonds and other investments that will match up to what you are interested.  All it takes is a few minutes to answer some profile questions, a phone and $5.

Stash will use the answers to questions about risk and return to suggest a few investments, but you can then preview the ideas section to see if you want to pick other funds that match closely to your desires.  Into fitness? following Warren Buffett, or perhaps looking for a moderate mix of funds.  Stash has it for you and you can start with a small investment, move to a regular weekly, monthly or quarterly investment to watch your account grow. Learn more with the powerpoint presentation

Stash app is an easy way to get started with investing. screens shots of how the app works.

Betterment, The Leader!

Betterment allows almost anyone a path to start investing in a portfolio of stocks and bonds chosen to match their objectives and tolerances for risk. With no account minimum and affordable fees, a Betterment account can be set up to accomplish your investment goals.

Betterment’s intuitive website shows you how much you need to contribute for retirement, and you can see how your account will grow over the years in all kinds of market environments. Couple the automation investment allocations with the ability to set-up a plan for automated deposits, and you don’t have to do more than watching your money grow.

Reinvestment of dividends, tax-loss harvesting, and automated rebalancing of your account between investment choices will make your money grow.

Users can also create a variety of account types, including taxable and non-taxable accounts.

Betterment takes your money and puts it into low cost ETFs (thousands of stocks sold as a single unit, like individual shares) and stable US bonds. These funds grow steadily most of the time, along with the American and international markets these company stocks compose. w

What Does the Betterment Portfolio Look Like

Betterment gives the user a strong selection of stocks and bonds index funds that are exchange traded funds.  This low-cost passive approach is mostly the leading funds from Vanguard, but a range of iShare funds are also included. , chosen for great historical performance and affordability. The user selects their own stock/bond allocation. Learn more

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