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Written in 2009, this guide to financial markets is intended to help financial consumers have a better understanding of how financial markets work and the range of investment products and services available in the world wide financial markets.  Provides a full overview of the financial crash of 2008-2009.  Available on Amazon. 

Really Simple Investing 

Available soon. This simple guide to investing presents readers with five really simple ways to get started with investing and over time build true financial security. 

Family Financial Freedom is a Guide to gaining control over your money, and helps you make sense of what has become an increasingly confusing financial marketplace.  Think of this as your road map to financial security, today and at retirement. Available from Fast Pencil  and Amazon.


This highly readable guide provides college students and their parents with dozens of ways to make college a reality. Use enough of these tips, and you may keep college debt at zero. Start cutting expenses now using the practical tips to lower college expenses.

This e-book is available on Smashwords. 


Really Simple Money 

Available soon. This simple guide presents a approach for managing your money successfully. Regardless of your income now you can get on the path toward greater financial security. 

Why You Are Not Rich, But Can Be

Available soon.  What separates us from the wealthy? Would you like to be rich but don't know how.  This short book explains how most millionaires live and how you can get on the path toward the same financial independence the wealthy enjoy.  This is not a quick rich scheme, but a plan for building wealth over time, using proven methods. 

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