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The Best Dividend Lists

Dividend Kings: U.S. stocks with 50 or more consecutive years of dividend increases. For 2021 there are only 31 stocks that qualify to be on this list. You can view the updated list at You can view the 2023 list at The Moltey Fool.

Dividend Aristocrats: Dividend Aristocrats must have 25+ years of rising dividends, be a member of the S&P 500 Index, have a minimum market capitalization of $3 billion and meet certain liquidity requirements. This is a list of only about 65 stocks.

Dividend Champions: U.S. stocks that have grown dividends for the last 25+ consecutive years, regardless of size. This is a list of about 135+ stocks currently maintained at the Moneyzine a non-profit organization.

Dividend Contenders: U.S. stocks that have grown dividends for the last 10-24 consecutive years. This list has around 240 stocks on it. You can find more information about these stocks at the DRiP Investing Resource Center or at

Dividend Achievers are any company that has regularly increased its dividend yield for at least 10 years. has a list of Dividend Achievers you can take a look at. 

Dividend Challengers: U.S. stocks that have grown dividends for the last 5-9 consecutive years. You can find a list of Dividend Challengers at FinanceCharts.

Seeking Alpha has a different list of stocks they include in their Dividend Radar. This is a weekly automatically generated version of the Dividend Champions, Contenders, and Challengers The Dividend Radar approach uses a rules-based automated approach and verified data to ensure greater accuracy than otherwise would be possible. It is also updated weekly.

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