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The Millionaire Checklist

Most of us think we want to be a millionaire, but few of us actually think about what it takes to be a millionaire.

The Millionaire Checklist

It is important to recognize some of the key habits and traits of self-made millionaires, because you can adopt many of these habits yourself. Using this simple Millionaire Checklist to see where you are on the path toward building your personal financial wealth.

The Millionaire Checklist

Let’s play a game, for each of the paired statement below, pick the statement that best describes how you think:

  1. A. I create my life or B. Life happens to me

  2. A. I manage my money to win or B. I don’t want to lose the money I have

  3. A. I am committed to financial security or B. I want to be rich

  4. A. I like to think big or B. Thinking big leads to disappointment

  5. A. Obstacles and problems are just opportunities or B. I get blocked every time I try

  6. A. I admire Rich and Successful People or B. I resent the rich and successful

  7. A. I spend my time with positive and successful people or B. My friends tend to be negative and not very successful

  8. A. I am willing to promote myself and my ideas or B. I don’t like selling or promoting

  9. A. My problems are small compared to my ability to overcome them or B. I feel weighed down by my problems and can’t get ahead

  10. A. I am capable of receiving compliments and constructive feedback or B. I feel uncomfortable receiving compliments and feedback

  11. A. I get paid for the results I create or B. I get paid for my time

  12. A. Faced with a choice, I go with “Both” or B. It’s always “either/or”

  13. A. I’m Focused on increasing by net worth or B. I’m focused on booting my income from work

  14. A. I know how to manage my money or B. I struggle with managing my money

  15. A. I make sure my money works hard for me or B. I work hard for my money

  16. A. I act even when I am uncertain or B. I’m often to scared to try so I do nothing

  17. A. I am constantly learning more and growing in my knowledge or B. I already know everything I need to know.

Now look at the number of times you selected the “A” response over the “B” response.

The more times you selected the “A” as your response the higher the chances are you will be financial secure and very possibility become a millionaire in your lifetime.

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